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Baron's Blunder (Love Is Book 10)

By Susan M. Baganz


Fighting evil has been a hobby, but fending off marriage-minded women—a chore.

Lord Charles Percy fends off a highwayman robbing a carriage in broad daylight. Noting that he’s rescued a debutante, he lies about his title claiming to be a mere mister. But the Honorable Henrietta Allendale is suspicious that something is false in spite of his act of heroism on her behalf. She didn’t need a man to fight her battles. So why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Meeting again in London, Lord Percy begins to enjoy the verbal sparring with the intrepid young woman and his heart is soon captivated as well. But he’s playing a deep game and her presence in his life puts hers at risk. When a successful rescue results in possible scandal, the baron’s biggest challenge will be to convince the marriage-adverse young woman that his love is true.


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