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Coming Out Of Egypt (The Egypt Series Book 1)

By Angela Joseph


Marva and her sister June have been victims of sexual abuse from their childhood. As a result, Marva commits a horrible crime which has her running from the law and trying to forge a new life for herself and June. With a hawk-eyed detective hot on her trail, June’s rebellion seemingly out of control, and too ashamed to confide in anyone, Marva’s new life is not what she envisaged. While she longs for love, peace and forgiveness, she knows she deserves punishment. Will she get what she deserves, or what she longs for?

Book Takeaway:

Regardless of your past, your future is secure in Jesus Christ.

Why the author wrote this book:

What prompted me to write this book? During my years as a teacher I encountered children who were believed to be victims of sexual abuse and nothing was done about it. As a behavioral health therapist, I meet people – men and women – who continue to suffer from the trauma of sexual abuse well into their adult lives. But this book is not just about sexual abuse. I have explored the themes of relationships, forgiveness, redemption and family dynamics. Even though this story is set in a Third World country, I believe the issues and the characters’ response to them are universal.

This story has been fourteen years in the making and has gone through almost as many rewrites, but throughout, I have felt God urging me to bring it to fruition so that scores of women – and the men who love them – can find hope in the knowledge that regardless of their past, they can have a future in Jesus Christ.


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