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By Angela Elwell Hunt, Steve Arterburn


Gr. 4-6. The publisher of the Left Behind series expands its Young Believer brand with the On Tour series, which will devote a book to each of the five members of YB2, a fictional tween-pop band. Volume 1 focuses on new singer Josiah, a 13-year-old who fears dismissal when the leader of the band discovers why he struggles through dance choreography like a "tin soldier": his scoliosis requires him to wear a rigid brace. The resolution, as might be expected, reinforces Josiah's trust in God's plan. The members' sense of spiritual purpose will resonate with young Christian readers swimming against the tides of a culture that's typically more profane than sacred, and the authors also do a good job of incorporating plenty of behind-the-scenes details to ensure that the rock-group premise is more than just a vehicle for a message. Even readers who aren't Christian may find this compelling, despite the implausibility of a group achieving serious mainstream success with such pointed lyrics as "I know who put the power within . . . It's God / Who created us all." Jennifer Mattson
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Meet six growing Young Believers--Josiah, Liane, Noah, Paige, Shane, and Taz--hot, new stars with their own pop band who are struggling with how to keep their faith in the face of their rising celebrity. These young role models have gained the best the world has to offer and, through the guidance of a godly manager, are still keeping their feet firmly rooted in the foundations of the faith. Every day they're learning life's most important lesson: "Never Stop Believing."


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