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Retreat to Shelter Creek

By Lee Carver


Seeking relief from her disastrous marriage, a high school biology teacher returns to Shelter Creek for the summer to help her grandmother through chemo. She is surprised by a roofer with stamina through Texas heat and life’s hard spots. Her path away from bitterness involves the family guard-pig and teaching first grade. Painful discoveries of her husband’s duplicity develop into danger. Murder is so much quicker than divorce. As a wife betrayed and dumped by her husband, she could either lock herself away from further hurt or forgive and start over. Was there a man alive worth the investment?

Book Takeaway:

Divorce also happens in marriages between two professing Christians. Divorce isn't God's will for his children, but he remains with them through the dark valleys and out the far side.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was grieving over my daughter's disastrous marriage to a man she thought was fervently Christian and of the highest ideals. After many discoveries over fifteen years, she finally gave up and walked away. I had already written the first few chapters before she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I cared for her through chemo. The book is dedicated to all women still searching for their happily ever after.


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