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The Case of the Terrified Track Star

By Angela Elwell Hunt


Nicki saw Jeremy give Meredith a puzzled look. But then there was no mistaking the snarling howl that erupted from Mr. Nichols' yard.

It was just like Jeremy's nightmare. Nicki turned and saw the gate on the tall wooden fence swing open. There was a flash of bristly fir and teeth and anger. Killer was loose, and his fangs were bared and gleaming.

He was streaking right toward Jeremy Newkirk!

Pine Grove's track star, Jeremy Newkirk, has always been afraid of dogs, but now somebody is using that information to scare him out of Saturday's important race. Without Jeremy, Pine Grove will never win! Following a trail of mysterious letters and threatening phone calls, Nicki and her friends are in their own race against time to solve the mystery. Can the girls keep Jeremy's worst nightmare from coming true?


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