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Christmas Conspiracy (First Responders)

By Susan Sleeman


The First Response Squad is called to a childcare center where a father has barricaded himself in the nursery with director Tessa Long. Commander Jake Marsh must be at the top of his game if he’s to end the standoff while keeping both Rachael and the child safe. But his worst nightmare comes true when he fails to control the scene and the father injures Tessa then abducts the child.

Jake lets guilt over her injury and the child’s abduction eat at him. He blurs the line between the professional and personal, and visits Tessa at the hospital. But when a man tries to kill her in her hospital room, Jake disregards all of the rules and regulations that have allowed him to control his world and vows to keep her safe and find the missing child no matter what. Trouble is, the situation brings back memories from his childhood of the loss of his entire family, and for the first time in twenty years, he fears he’s no longer in charge of his life, and knows when he’s out of control bad things happen. Very bad things.


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