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The Secret of Cravenhill Castle

By Angela Elwell Hunt


A shadow fell upon the group as if a huge hand had passed before the sun. A rumble came spiraling down from the clouds overhead, and the wailing of the wind brought goosebumps to Nicki's arms. Nicki looked toward Meredith, who opened her mouth in a soundless scream and pointed to something behind Christine. Coming straight toward them was a radiant ball of dancing light.

Without warning, the light ball darted into the leaves of a nearby oak tree. Even the air seemed to hold its breath until the top of the oak tree exploded in a shower of green leaves.

Nicki and her friends are thrilled when they receive an invitation to spend a few days at a 500-year-old Irish castle. Shrouded in mystery and fairy legend, the castle is everything they expect, and more! The girls must battle the sea, superstition, and their own fears as they undertake a dangerous search for the legendary treasure of Cravenhill Castle.


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