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The Case of the Birthday Bracelet

By Angela Elwell Hunt


Nicki tensed when a muffled sound from the other room caught her attention. She couldn't see into the room where Krisha, Christine, and Laura were sleeping, but she could hear the faint sound of someone moving around in the darkness. Had someone come in? Had they forgotten to lock the deadbolt on their door? Nicki slipped silently off her bed and padded across the floor until she was in the doorway. She stiffened as she heard a thump from the closet. If the girls were in their beds, who was in the closet?

Something jerked on the edge of her gown, and Nicki clapped her own hand across her mouth to smother her scream.

Nicki and her friends thought they were taking a nice vacation trip to London, but strange things begin happening even before the girls arrive at their hotel. And when Laura's diamond birthday bracelet disappears, the search leads Nicki and her friends to more danger than they had bargained for!


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