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Medusa's Hands

By Monica Mynk


Twenty-eight year old waitress Megan Carter cannot stop crossing paths with the ruggedly dashing Zach Allen, who resents her from brushing him off in high school. Zach truly loves Megan, but he can’t let go of his party boy persona long enough to show her he’s serious. Her heart’s so bitter toward him that she cannot love anyone, especially herself. As soon as she graduates beauty school, she plans to walk away and leave him behind for good.

When Zach’s stepsister Larissa disappears, her teenage daughter Kelsey shows up on Megan’s doorstep asking to crash for a few days. Her dad lurks in the background, making every possible effort to lure her into heinous crime. Convinced Larissa is in danger, Megan begrudgingly enlists Zach’s help. She starts to trust him and opens her heart, but before long she realizes he’s still struggling for sobriety and clinging to his past mistakes. How can she forgive him when he refuses to change?

Zach and Megan must overcome their differences to find Larissa and save Kelsey before she becomes trapped in a life of sex trafficking and degradation. In doing so, they fan the flame that’s burned between them for a decade, and put themselves at great risk. Can they stop Kelsey’s dad and follow their hearts to happiness before it’s too late?

Book Takeaway:

No matter how low you fall, or no matter how far life takes you, you can still find salvation and hope in God.

Why the author wrote this book:

Because a lot of girls who've been victims of crime feel like they can't return from there to find faith.


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