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A Time of Golden Skies

By Vivian Bock


Severe turbulences interfere with the adventurous life of the passionate BASE jumpers and air show pilots Dex and Sarah, when they learned about one of the greatest ancient mysteries of Biblical prophecy. Isaiah, a prophet of the Old Testament had predicted an Altar and a Stone Pillar at the border and in the midst of the land of Egypt which shall become a sign and a witness for the Lord of Hosts. Was it meant to be recognized only in a distant future? Yet undiscovered or unidentified religious artifacts? However, it must be of utmost importance, probably standing in a connection with the return of the Saviour, the Son of Man...

This Christian Science Fiction story tells about the Heavenly project of healing and renewing the planet of people and their wounded nature, and how the suffering on Earth shall be replaced with goodness and joy. From the dawn of creation of the human race, costly planetary rescue operations had been prepared for A TIME OF GOLDEN SKIES, when the Millennium of peace shall cover the blue planet with love, with grace and with justice, like the water the oceans, like the sand the deserts, like the stars the skies...

Book Takeaway:

Whenever you're asking yourself how global warming can ever stop yet in time, find the answer in A TIME OF GOLDEN SKIES

Why the author wrote this book:

The story touches smoothly overlooked facts in religion and science, questionable technology and economy paradigms, certain precarious concepts of industrial progress which are steering our mobile screen blinded societies faster and faster against the thick divine walls of truth. But where are the biblical connections? Why is it like this? Why can't we just stop and change the direction?

A Time of Golden Skies tells about extraordinary persons with unbelievable skills and courage. A few tiny biographic excerpts of real living persons flattens the 'glide angle' of the introduction story. That allowed me also to take this opportunity to express my sympathy for experimental aircraft builders and professional stunt pilots who impress with their unbelievable aerobatics. We find particular strong tradition for this powerful and noble sport In USA since early years of powered flight. Some of us Earthlings may have felt that the inspiration of aviation can only be a gift of God. When browsing in biographies of pioneers of human flight, we learn of those little and big miracles which made them succeed despite all odds or lack of means. They were just heavenly inspired with a burning passion to fly into the skies, whatever Earth or gravity may say. Notwithstanding the risks involved with the breathtaking air shows, then or today, the world of aviation clearly benefits from them. Looking historically closer, the air shows have always inspired young aviators and those who construct aircraft. Without aviation, a human civilization would literally get stuck in the morass of limited horizontal perspectives. It is with no doubt also the historical springboard into space. Like the Word of God and like the science of astronomy, it is the gift of aviation which is enabling our weary eyes and hearts to look up in this age of technical marvel.


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