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Dead Man's Journey

By Phillip Cook


A supernatural mystery that takes you on a journey from death to life. At death your escorts are either angels or demons. Aaron Fitzpatrick doesn't know what happens when you die. Others have told him but he’s not sure if he believes them. Now his belief system is challenged as his dad goes missing during his daily run and is found, dead, twenty kilometers away from home—and missing a finger. Aaron’s investigation leads him to suspect a link between his father’s death and the mysterious ‘vanishings’ of homeless men. Mackenzie Gordon is Aaron’s childhood best friend. She knows what happens when you die. She’s a Christian. He isn't. But then she vanishes and Aaron is drawn into the mystery. And as Aaron investigates her disappearance his beliefs about life and death, angels and demons—and God—are all challenged.

Book Takeaway:

At death who will your escorts be: angels or demons?

Why the author wrote this book:

This story was written to challenge readers about their belief in heaven and hell. Some may not realize the consequence of death as a unbeliever and may do something about it.


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