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Moselle's Insurance

By LoRee Peery


Creative artist Moselle Carson gives new life to old items, but she can’t seem to renew her shattered ideal of love. When she returns to her hometown to help with a new family business, memories of a broken heart and small-town gossip chip away the tough exterior she’s erected over the years. Now she’s forced to decide whether she’ll rebuild the wall or trust that true love never dies when it is ordained by God.Generous insurance agent and vulnerable firefighter, Eric Todd, remembers too well how he mistreated Moselle and then set her aside. Now he longs for true love and the second chance to become a husband and father. Can he learn to forgive himself and still keep the secret that may redeem him in her eyes?

Book Takeaway:

Healing happens if we look to the Lord first. He provides the happily-ever-after.

Why the author wrote this book:

I believe the past determines the future. Reunion stories are a favorite of mine to read. The kooky Frivolities store was fun to create and began the series.


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