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The Xerxes Factor: An Intergalaxia Novel (Volume 2)

By Anna Zogg


USF special agent Kelli Layne has one goal in life—find the girl who was abducted on her watch. Confident and self-sufficient, she doesn’t need anyone. Including God. When she is nearly killed, she is forced to question her ideology. Only one person believes Kelli wasn’t involved in the kidnapping, fellow agent Jayden Song. He risks his career to help her follow the clues to Xerxes IX, an alien planet with a humanoid population. To rescue the missing girl, Kelli and Jayden have no choice but to become fugitives from the law. Can they save the child without forfeiting their own lives?

Book Takeaway:

No matter what your beliefs, God will someday confront you with Truth. What will your response be?

Why the author wrote this book:

The world is full of successful, but spiritually dead people. In this story, Kelli Layne is that as well. When her life starts to unravel, she turns to all the things that used to work to get her back on track. They fail. Only when she acknowledges the God of the universe does she start to get the answers she desperately wants. Not just about finding a kidnapped child, but about the things that matter most in life: love, happiness, and hope for the future. In a way, this story is about me (not that I ever was an undercover agent!). When I finally gave up trying to fix myself my way, the gracious and sovereign God revealed His salvation plan that is perfect for not only me, but for all of humanity.


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