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Finally Home

By Deborah Raney


After being injured in Vietnam, Brian Lowe returns home in a wheelchair to the family mansion on the Mississippi River in Missouri—and to a nation that has seemingly turned against the very men and women fighting for its freedom. As if life couldn’t get any more complicated for Brian, he is assigned a beautiful, sassy physical therapist who just happens to be an outspoken war protestor. Kathy Nowlin has lived her life with passion, but her passions for her career and her strong feelings about the war collide in the person of Brian Lowe. Can these two searching souls ever find common ground?

Set against the nostalgic backdrop of bell-bottoms, Volkswagen Beetles, tie-dye, and rock and roll, the darker rumblings of the Vietnam War era cast their shadow as Raney's novella explores timeless questions of life, love, and faith.

Book Takeaway:

When true love (the kind that bears all things, believes all things) is in play, it is possible to surmount any obstacle.


Year Title Description
2008 ACFW Carol Award winner This novella won a Carol Award when it was part of the Missouri Memories collection from Barbour Books

Why the author wrote this book:

I loved the idea of two people whose passions were diametrically opposed.


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