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The Nanny's Secret Child (Home to Dover)

By Lorraine Beatty


Ready-Made Family Widower Gil Montgomery's new nanny has a secret. There's a reason Julie Bishop and Gil's daughter, Abby, connect so perfectly—Julie is Abby's birth mother. Julie gave her daughter up for adoption years ago, but she couldn't resist the chance to be close to the child her heart never forgot. But Julie never imagined she'd fall for the handsome adoptive dad. Gil's been burned before, and Julie worries that if her secret is exposed, he'll never forgive her. The perfect family is so close, but so far… Unless Gil can let the past go and welcome Julie home. Right where she belongs.

Book Takeaway:

Being truthful no matter how difficult is always the best way.

Why the author wrote this book:

To explore what would happen if a woman had a chance to spend time with the baby she gave up, just to make sure she was happy and well cared for.


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