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Beautiful Imperfection

By Kathryn J. Bain


When witnesses to a mass murder start dying, breast cancer survivor Teddy Federline must push aside her anger and trust an ex-boyfriend to ensure she lives long enough to testify against the killer. Detective Sloan Michaels still has deep feelings for Teddy but realizes that after the way he left her years ago, he has a lot of making up to do. Now, he must keep his focus on the case and off the woman he loves. If Sloan doesn't keep Teddy safe, he'll never get a second chance.

Book Takeaway:

God is always there, and a scar is just a mark on your skin.


Year Title Description
2013 Show Me You Cover First Place for Inspirational

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted a heroine who was broken just as much inside as outside. One who trusted in God, but still had issues with relying on Him totally.


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