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Just Kin

By Caryl McAdoo


Love covers a multitude of sin. A stolen kiss ignites a fire that burns all the way from Texas to New York City. Torn apart by war, rejection, and a letter with news she never wanted, Lacey Rose takes her shredded heart and runs. Charley figures something isn’t right, but is duty-bound to the Confederacy until a deathbed order sets in motion a series of events that test his love, honor, and commitment to the breaking point. Can the two lifelong friends see past the pain to finally realize God’s plan for them to be more than just kin?

Book Takeaway:

No matter how far your bad choices take you away from God, all you have to do is turn around, and He's right there; repent, and His Love forgives completely!

Why the author wrote this book:

To illustrate that our God is a God of second chances


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