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The Velvet Shadow

By Angela Elwell Hunt


The heirs of Cahira O'Connor were women who gave up traditional roles to fight for right. Is Kathleen O'Connor a direct descendant of Cahira's and destined to do great things? As Kathleen reads the journal of Cahira's descendant, Flanna O'Connor, the young southern belle who attends medical school in Boston intrigues her and we are thrust into the past . . . Flanna has tentatively agreed to marry Roger Haynes, but when she meets his brother Major Alden Haynes, she becomes confused by her feelings for him. Flanna passes her final exam and is desperate to return to her father in Charleston, but all southbound transportation has stopped because the Civil War has begun. In order to return home, Flanna disguises herself as a soldier and begins to aid the sick. Flanna puts her trust in the Lord for it is her belief and faith in Him that guides her, but Alden discovers her ruse. He allows her to stay and continue doctoring the wounded until he can arrange for safe transport and together they share some harrowing experiences. Alden and Flanna love each other but are under the impression that the others heart belongs to someone else, and it isn't until Roger makes a supreme sacrifice that they finally acknowledge their feelings, only to be separated again. Taylor Morgan, who gave Kathleen the journal, wants to know what happened to Flanna and Alden so she tells him, plus a surprise she learned about him! This is a powerful, unique story as we view the war mostly through Flanna's eyes, and while the reader gets the impression that for the most part, the war was tedious and boring, this book is anything but! I applaud Ms. Hunt for the thorough research, as it supports the authenticity and credibility of Flanna's story. Enthralling! Ms. Hunt is an expert storyteller and The Velvet Shadow is her masterpiece! Very well written as Ms. Hunt develops the tender romance between this atypical southern belle and her northern soldier during the most horrible period of our history! Completely wonderful! I highly recommend and urge you to read The Velvet Shadow - you'll love it! Gloria Miller -- Copyright © 030199 Literary Times, Inc. All rights reserved -- From Literary Times


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