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The Pillow Fight Professional

By Angela Ruth Strong


I, Joey Michaels, am The Pillow Fight Professional! Basically this means I'm training a bunch of my sister's friends to hold their own against older siblings. Unfortunately, when the girls win a pillow fight at an overnighter, those older siblings aren't very happy with me. I'm forced to plan a pillow fight to end all pillow fights. Me and the girls against a bunch of bigger boys. Winning the pillow fight would be a lot easier without the following three problems: 1) Brock, the bully, who has never lost a pillow fight-or any fight for that matter 2) Isabelle, my partner, who may quit if she figures out that I'm using a bunch of girls to fight my battle for me 3) My team of little girls, who want to wear footie pajamas as our uniform If we win, I'll get to keep the new bike I worked so hard for. If we lose, well ... I won't let us lose. I can do this all on my own if I have to. Because I got da moves.

Book Takeaway:

It's better to stand up for others than to try to get them to fight your fight for you.

Why the author wrote this book:

Who doesn't love a good pillow fight?


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