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The Silver Sword

By Angela Elwell Hunt


Anika O'Connor of Prague is clothed in armor and carries a sword, as one of the knights of Chlum. Her disguise protects her from the lecherous son of Lord Laco, who would never think to search for her among the men at arms. Prague is on fire with religious reform, and Anika joins the struggle for religious freedom that cost her father his life. When Lord John of Chlum learns of Anika's deception, he agrees to allow her to continue as a knight until a time of his choosing. Then she must don the garb of the woman she is. Can Anika give up the life she has come to cherish? And will the love in her heart be returned by the Master of Chlum? The Silver Sword is the first book in the series The Heirs of Cahira O'Conner. Kathleen O'Conner is doing research for a college project when she discovers the legend of Cahira O'Conner and her descendants. Kathleen herself bears the mark of Cahira, a mark that has appeared every two hundred years since Cahira's death in 1235. And each bearer of the mark has left the traditional roles of womanhood to fight for right. Kathleen studies her ancestresses and wonders what she might be called to do! Angela Elwell Hunt has intrigued the reader with a modern heroine in pursuit of her roots, and delivered a heroine from the past whose life stands taller than her black warhorse! Hunt's attention to historical detail makes Anika's actions believable and entertaining. And the teaser at the end for Book Two holds out a promise of equal pleasure! The Silver Sword sings from beginning to end!" The Hunt name on the cover promises quality, and The Silver Sword more than delivers! Linda Fitzner -- Copyright © 1998 Literary Times, Inc. All rights reserved -- From Literary Times


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