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A Daddy for Her Triplets (Lone Star Cowboy League)

By Deb Kastner


His Unexpected Valentines Clint Daniels knows he is nobody's sweetheart. The rugged mountain guide has lived most of his life alone, and with his heartbreaking past, he can't imagine a domestic future with anyone. Especially not a warm and graceful widow like Olivia Barlow. But when her three towheaded little boys approach him at the Lone Star Cowboy League's annual Valentine's dance, he finds it impossible to turn them away. Clint isn't prepared to be a father, but these boys draw out his paternal side. And somehow, vulnerable Olivia and her children begin to make the cowboy suspect their wary hearts might actually be a perfect match…

Book Takeaway:

There is no fear in love


Year Title Description
2016 #23 Mass Market Bestsellers list Publishers Weekly Magazine
2016 #3 Religion Fiction Bestsellers list Publishers Weekly Magazine

Why the author wrote this book:

This is Book Five in Love Inspired's 2015-2016 Continuity series: Lone Star Cowboy League


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