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Wounded Heroes Book One: Kill Shot (Volume 1)

By Anne Patrick


Former combat medic Kory Wagner survived four war zones, but not without psychological scars. Suffering with PTSD has become the least of her problems though. Someone has murdered her sister and now has their sites on Kory. Just as disturbing is the cocky, headstrong, and handsome sheriff on the case. Sean Harding takes his job very seriously and isn't about to let the decorated veteran who managed to outsmart an entire search party hinder his investigation into her sister's death. Kory is as headstrong as he is though, and he soon realizes having her tag along on the investigation isn't such a bad idea. Despite all his efforts to stay focused on the case, this beautiful and vibrant spitfire manages to capture his heart. But if he has any hope of a future with Kory, he must convince her she needs help dealing with her problems, and he has to stop the killer before she becomes his next victim.


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