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A Treacherous Decision (Order of the MoonStone) (Volume 2)

By JC Morrows


Kayden’s mission should have been simple — she was sent to kill the prince . . . not to fall in love with him. Within the palace walls, Kayden has discovered that things are not as she expected. Is there more to the royal family, or . . . is there a more sinister depth to Drey’s mission? Dvarius thought his mind was made up — but will he have the resolve to see it through? Between attacks from outside the palace — and within, will the Prince live long enough to choose his Queen? And will Kayden choose to follow her head . . . or her heart — knowing that her decision could very well make her a target as well! Books in the Order of the MoonStone series: A Perilous Assignment (BONUS Short) A Reluctant Assassin (Book 1) A Cunning Masquerade (Short Story - takes place toward the end of book 1) A Treacherous Decision (Book 2) A Dangerous Love (Short Story - Feb 2016) A Desperate Escape (Coming in 2016)


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