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ANGELS & IMPERFECTIONS, Book Two; Special Agent (Volume 2)

By Daniel Roland Banks


When a young man is forced into hiding after rescuing a helpless woman from the leader of a vicious street gang, Private Investigator John Wesley Tucker is sent to find him. While trying to avoid a firefight in the belly of a Cyprus bayou, Tucker finds himself in need of help from an old friend. His other cases involve attempting to apprehend the killer of an illegal immigrant, and investigating the hidden agenda of a federal agent while attempting to thwart a domestic terrorist attack. When the FBI raids an old farmhouse, many people die. Only Tucker knows what really happened, How will he stay alive long enough to expose the secret? John confronts the evil that dwells in the shadows of our lives. Certainly there is more about him than meets the eye, but is he even human? A detective mystery, a thriller, and an exploration of current conflicting ideas and beliefs, filled with intrigue, action, betrayal and a distinctly spiritual twist, Special Agent is contemporary, suspenseful, relevant and at times, violent. The setting is in East Texas, offering a unique cultural point of view not often depicted.

Book Takeaway:

His justice doesn't negate His mercy and His mercy doesn't negate His justice.

Why the author wrote this book:

I write books I'd like to read. I like books that are entertaining and introduce themes and ideas that go beyond mere entertainment.


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