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By Terry Burns


When young Sam Duncan finds himself accused of a horrible crime, he must grow up fast to prove his innocence, bring his mother’s killer to justice and find the peace he needs to move on with his life. Surviving his journey will take the kindness of both strangers and friends and the grace of God. When justice turns against him, he will have to rely on the moral compass of two unerring lawmen, the strength in one young girl and the kind hearts of a rancher and his wife and two missionaries bound to see that the work of the Lord is done. Even a cantankerous old mountain man and his tired old donkey will play their part in God’s plan for this young man. Hounded is a delightful tale of this journey to both physical and spiritual adulthood for Sam and his friends in the midst of hardship and struggle. With humor and suspense, readers follow a passel of God’s everyday heroes as they wind their way through this adventure.


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