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Children of Eber

By Caryl McAdoo


At the time Abram is called to a strange, pagan land by the God of his fathers, Shem still walks the earth. At his death, his great-grandson Eber becomes the patriarch. Abraham, never the oldest living firstborn, is rewarded with power and riches for his obedience to leave his home and sojourn. Still—though the Lord has promised him an heir—his beloved wife remains barren, which tears daily at her heart.
Almighty God visits His prophet, talks with him, forgives his indiscretions, and cleans up the messes he makes. The Lord promises amazing things including all of the lands where Abram walks for him and his heirs as a possession and that nations will come forth from his loins—descendants too numerous to be counted. The well-known story of the Father of Faith comes to life in Children of Eber.
Walk with the man honored by today’s the three major faiths.

Book Takeaway:

Have faith, and do not doubt; God is in control and on the throne.

Why the author wrote this book:

To bring Abraham the father of our faith to life for readers to get to know him better.


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