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Replenish the Earth

By Caryl McAdoo


Sin fills the world with violence, but faith carries Noah and his family above the flood through the storm. In the harshness of Mount Ararat where they disembark, nothing compares to the lushness of Adam’s Valley—their home left behind. And troubles surviving the thirteen months on the Ark can’t match the struggles they face to forge new lives in a hard land where the mist no longer rises up every even…where instead of a protective covering cloud of water above, the brutal sun beats down and unpredictable storms batter the inhabitants. Still, the Lord has given the sons of Noah a mandate. REPLENISH THE EARTH

Book Takeaway:

God will see you through every storm.

Why the author wrote this book:

To let readers board the ark with Noah and his family and experience the year+ spent there then the trauma and toil of starting over.


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