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nutcrACKer stroll

By RC Atchisson


Book 2 in the 30 Miles Out series:

A year has past since Joe Thornton first set foot on Nantucket, and a lot has changed. He is involved with a woman who has changed how he sees not only himself but the world in general, he is a partner in a successful business enterprise, and he has new friends on his adopted Island home.

Now,as the annual Nantucket Noel kicks into high gear, he is forced to contend with names and faces he though long gone as well as a mysterious rival striving to put White Goose Vineyard out of business.

With Christmas just weeks away, Joe needs a miracle to save White Goose and more than just a little Divine Inspiration to help him protect new friends, support old friends, and -- most importantly -- help him answer the question everyone is asking...What's next?!?

Book Takeaway:

When we let go, we offer God the chance to work miracles in our lives...

Why the author wrote this book:

To continue exploring the spiritual growth of a once-flawed character, one that hopefully mirrors that of mirrors or inspires others.


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