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By Angela Elwell Hunt


*Starred Review* Back in college there were six idealistic friends, but only one of them, a doctor named David Payne, has remained true to his ideals. Every year he invites his friends to accompany him on a far-flung humanitarian mission, but making money and general selfishness has impeded the others. After Payne's death, however the friends' gather for the funeral, and out of guilt--and to celebrate Payne's life--they agree to accept his now-posthumous invitation to build some houses for a Habitat for Humanity-like organization. Then, in the manner of the TV show Lost, they are shipwrecked on an uncharted island. The place loses any romantic allure almost immediately, and it becomes clear where they've landed: hell. The question quickly becomes not how they'll escape but if. A deceptively routine adventure with an accelerating sense of menace.


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