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In This Together

By Gail Elaine Kittleson


While grieving the loss of her son and husband after World War II, quiet Dottie Kyle makes do with a cleaning and cooking job at the local boarding house. But a new employee creates a moral crisis, and Dottie must decide whether to speak up. Surprised by her next door neighbor Al's sudden interest in her, she has no idea of his haunting World War I memories. When Dottie's long-held fear of enclosed spaces hinders her from traveling to help her daughter and her grandchildren, Al may hold the key to victory.

Book Takeaway:

In the midst of grief and troubles, second chances may wait just around the corner.

Why the author wrote this book:

Dottie, the World War II heroine, makes do through trial and testing, as women have always done. Their unsung, practical faith holds the world together during tough times, and this story celebrates their tenacity.


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