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Abigail: A Novel

By Jill Eileen Smith


Abigail's hopes and dreams for the future are wrapped up in her handsome, dark-eyed betrothed, Nabal. But when the long-awaited wedding day arrives, her drunken groom behaves shamefully. Nevertheless, Abigail tries to honor and respect her husband despite his abuse of her. Meanwhile, Abigail's family has joined David's wandering tribe as he and his people keep traveling to avoid the dangerous Saul. When Nabal suddenly dies, Abigail is free to move on with her life, and thanks to her brother, her new life includes a new husband--David. The dangers of tribal life on the run are serious, but there are other dangers in young Abigail's mind. How can David lead his people effectively when he goes against God? And how can Abigail share David's love with the other wives he insists on marrying?

Book Takeaway:

A compelling drama of what it might have been like to live in a king's household, the wife of a polygamist, and how a woman in such a situation can love a man despite his flaws.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote Abigail to explore the how and why behind the things that happened to her in Scripture. She is an amazing woman and the book let me dig deeper into the life of David, continuing the saga of the trilogy.


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