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A Family for Tory/A Mother for Cindy

By Margaret Daley


A Family for Tory:
There's nothing more rewarding for riding instructor Tory Alexander than making her students happy. So when Slade, the father of her favorite student, asks for a favor, how can she refuse. But is she really ready to be part of a family again.
A Mother for Cindy:
Widowed mom Jesse Bradshaw has a knack for matchmaking. Now her little neighbor Cindy wants her to find Cindy's lonely daddy a wife. Jesse's determined to help--and Nick's determined to keep his distance. Neither expect love to lead them where it does: right to each other.

Book Takeaway:

How can a child bring two people together?

Why the author wrote this book:

This is a Love Inspired Classic which is two books in one.


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