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Hungry for Home (Coming Home) (Volume 3)

By Brenda S. Anderson


After a troubling encounter with a pregnant teen, Sheila Peterson-Brooks hurries from the crisis pregnancy center into the frigid Minnesota winter where she is mugged and left for dead. After a frantic search, Richard, her husband, finds her, and the police quickly nab the mugger …

A hungry, homeless teen.
The brother of the pregnant girl Sheila had just counseled.

The girl pleads for her brother, and Sheila and Richard choose not to press charges. Instead, they open their home to the boy, a move that could cost them their possessions, and their hearts.

And, in the process, teach them the true meaning of home.

Book Takeaway:

A home isn't held together with four walls, but by the love of the family living within that home.

Why the author wrote this book:

Our country has a frightening number of homeless teens, many homeless with their families, and yet others homeless due to aging out of foster care. My prayer is that this book raises awareness about the plight of homeless teens.


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