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By Olivia Rae


King Richard needs a royal wedding…

Richard’s niece, the feisty and resourceful Lady Ariane is to be his pawn. Though she has spent the last ten years living with the infidels in the Holy Land, Richard plans to turn her into a pious Christian lady, one fit to marry the nephew of King Phillip of France and, thus, seal a lucrative contract between the two countries.

But she needs the right teacher.

Proud and fierce, Templar Knight, Julian de Maury believes he has been chosen by God to free the holy city of Jerusalem from Saladin’s evil grip. But when Richard orders Julian to return to England with Lady Ariane and oversee her Christian education, he’s angry and terrified; he has been denied his destiny and England holds a dark secret better left buried. Now he must come to terms with his past and his attraction to the forbidden Lady Ariane.

Olivia Rae brings an inspirational contest winning tale of intrigue, love, and a faith that can change even the proudest hearts.

Book Takeaway:

Man can plan, but God directs. Pride usually goes before a fall. It is better to follow the words found in James 4:15, "If it is the Lord's will, we will live and do this or that."


Year Title Description
2016 Finalist -I heart Indie Contest Inspirational
2016 Finalist - Grab Me Contest Inspirational
2016 Semi-finalist - Kindle Book Awards Romance

Why the author wrote this book:

Sometimes our pride clouds our judgement. It is okay to plan, but we must be open and ready to accept God's will.


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