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Together for the Holidays

By Margaret Daley


A single mother with a traumatic past, Lisa Morgan only wants to raise her son with love and values. But lately the boy is struggling. When his basketball coach becomes a reluctant role model, Lisa is relieved. Until she learns that David Russell is also a cop. She's not ready to share her past—or her heart. And neither is the world-weary detective. Yet as Christmas comes closer, the true meaning of the holiday brings them together in ways they never dared dream.

Book Takeaway:

Single mother Lisa Morgan isn't ready to share her past or her heart and neither is police detective David Russell. Can the true meaning of Christmas bring them together?

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write a heroine that was deeply flawed and went through a lot of character growth during my Fostered By Love series (Together for the Holidays is book 5 in the series).


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