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From the Secret Place in My Heart

By Robin Jones Gunn


January 1 Todd told me earlier he had plans for the evening, and I thought he was going out with another girl. I never guessed the plans were with me!We finally got to talk about "us," and we both said we wanted to be the kind of friends who were friends forever. Then Todd stopped at this intersection. He pulled me out of the van, and when we stood in front of the headlights, I realized it was "our" intersection!I was laughing and telling him this was crazy; and then he gave me this bracelet! It's so beautiful. I love it! It's a gold ID bracelet with the word "Forever" engraved on it. That's when he told me that no matter what happened in the future, we would be friends forever.I'm smiling so big right now. I've never felt like this before in my whole life-.A uniquely personal look at the hopes, prayers, and dreams of Christy Miller-


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