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Love Takes Flight

By Lee Carver


Volunteering in the Amazon to escape a broken heart, American R.N. Camille Ringold fears she has lost the chance to be married to a doctor and live well in suburbia. Serving two weeks with missionaries living out a sacred calling, she considers whether a more meaningful life might be hers.

When the Wings of Help plane is hijacked, she and missionary pilot Luke Strong escape into the jungle. Aided by a river village, they recover the plane, but she may be fired for returning to the U.S. late. Two weeks become four when she chooses to care for Luke through his malaria. Priorities change as experiences of faith mount. Where is the intersection of God’s will and her selfish desires?

Book Takeaway:

Discernment of the call of God to special service; God's care and guidance in every possible circumstance; the development of a loving bond leading to marriage; the holiness of marriage.

Why the author wrote this book:

My husband and I served as missionaries in the Brazilian Amazon for six years in retirement. I admired the dedicated people we served with and loved the country, having already lived in Sao Paulo for six years. I wanted to write a novel that showed that missionaries are very real people with the same motivations and desires and faults as others, and to illustrate the conditions in which they bravely serve in the Amazon.


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