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Pesto and Potholes

By Susan M. Baganz


Renata tries to escape her past and runs straight into . . . love.

Renata Blake has moved to the Milwaukee area to leave behind a painful past as a victim of abuse. She discovers a family like she’s never had before, at Orchard Hill Church and is drawn to handsome Packer fanatic, Antonio. After all she’s suffered through, could she ever trust a man again?

Antonio DeLuca has a full life with his family, church and his job as chef and manager at DeLuca’s Cucina. Having been betrayed in love, he is afraid to trust a woman again. How would he fit her into his already full life anyway?

As circumstances draw them together and attempt to tear them apart, life becomes a combination of savory pesto and painful potholes as both Tony and Renata learn that with God’s help, and the support of a faith community, they can both learn to love again.

And maybe fight a few ninjas along the way.

Book Takeaway:

God redeems our pain but the process is not always an immediate healing but a rocky path of growth over time as He molds us into His image. God chooses to use the church as his vehicle for healing and hope in a hurting world.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to show the importance of the church in the life of young believers by dealing with real life issues and pain. That the body of Christ is THE place for us to find safety, hope and help when we are struggling.


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