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Empire of Gold: Foundations

By Jo Amdahl


William Newell once wrote, "If the keys of the Bible, up to the book of Psalms, hang on Moses' books, those of the rest of the Bible, through Revelation, hang on Daniel; and indeed very many of the prophetic Psalms fail to open to us till we see their solution in the wonderful visions of the faithful seer of the captivity". Empire of Gold sprang from a series of Bible studies on Daniel. The information collated and compiled herein opens to us the biblical books of this crucial time in history. Empire of Gold is a series of historical novels set in the time of a pantheon of biblical and historical greats. Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Josiah, and Nebuchadnezzar live again as Empire expounds their deeds and the chaos of their world. Foundations tells the story that leads up to the world war that changed everything.

Book Takeaway:

Empire of Gold is a chronicle crucial to both Christians and Jews, of great interest to historians, and just a good story for anyone else. It is a story of the supernatural and of God’s grace in unendurable trials. It is a story of power, war, treachery, and romance, all in epic proportions. Even better, it is true. Who said history was boring?

Why the author wrote this book:

What actually happened to Nineveh? Jeremiah was called to be the Prophet to the Nations. What does that mean? When Ezekiel says King Zedekiah took Nebuchadnezzar's hand, what does this signify? These and dozens of other questions remain unanswered to most Christians today, but the answers are available. Empire takes a close look at the world history surrounding about a third of the Bible.


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