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Romancing the Schoolteacher

By Mary Eileen Davis


Bridget Greene hides in plain sight. Escaping her father's unreasonable demands, Bridget flees to a remote mining town far from all she knows. To her surprise, her schoolhouse becomes her refuge. When a new family arrives in town, Bridget feels a special bond with the two adorable children--and their handsome widowed father.
Lindley Thompson is on a mission he can't reveal to anyone, let alone the lovely schoolteacher who's caught his eye. His children are flourishing under Bridget's maternal touch, and Lindley's heart is healing, too. But when their carefully hidden secrets come to light, will true love be enough to overcome all obstacles?

Book Takeaway:

The truth will set you free.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love the Pacific Northwest and the San Juan Islands.The San Juan Islands have a unique and fun history.
“The San Juans have…a special way of capturing your heart, turning your soul inside out, and handing you a whole new suit of values.” From: Magic Islands by David Richardson.


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