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Chased Across Australia

By Reynold Conger


Chased Across Australia was specifically written as a secular thriller, but it was written from a Christian perspective. I expect it to sell well on the secular market because the story has human interest, danger and action. The hero and heroine are being chased by terrorists. Both the protagonists and the terrorists are being chased by the CIA. Lives are at risk, especially during the high speed car chase along the bluffs with the American driving on the wrong side of the road. Because the book is written from a Christian perspective, profanity is at a minimum. Where it would be out of character for one of the non-Christian characters to speak without profanity, the profanity is softened to a few damns and hells. All sex is within the confines of Christian morality. The terrorists encounter Christians, some of them witness to the terrorists or otherwise expose them to the gospel. By the end of the book, the terrorists follow the protagonists into a church with the intent of stealing their laptop, but in the context of a worship service, they become born again. Thus as an act of repentance they face danger, working with the police to disrupt the terrorist bomb plot. Thus I expect Chased Across Australia to become a "crossover" book. Christian readers will enjoy having an entertaining thriller without all of the garbage frequently found in secular novels. Though this is not a Christian book per se, it does expose the reader to the gospel. Some Christians will buy this book to give to friends as a form of witness.

Book Takeaway:

The activities of everyday life can give a Christian opportunities to witness to the unsaved in the way they face danger. The unsaved will see a couple get saved and may thus be motivated to seek salvation.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book as a book that can be given or lent to an unsaved friend. The action and adventure will keep the unsaved reader interested, yet at the same time he or she will be exposed to Christian doctrine, and will see a couple get saved. Christians will also enjoy the book.


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