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The Falcon and the Sparrow

By MaryLu Tyndall


Against the European upheaval of the Napoleonic wars, a young timid lady is forced to betray her own country or watch her brother die. When Dominique Dawson arrives at the London home of Admiral Randal as a governess for his son, her real purpose is to steal valuable Admiralty documents for the French, but she soon discovers she faces more enemies besides her own fear: an admiral’s sister determined to destroy her, a jealous woman who wants her gone, and a London dandy who insists on courting her. Will Dominique find the strength she needs in God to risk the gallows and save her brother? But will it be enough to betray the man she has come to love?
Admiral Chase Randal no longer believes in God. After the death of his wife, he threw himself into a career at sea and spends most of his time away from home sailing a fleet of HMS warships. Much to his dismay, he suddenly finds himself landlocked in London, forced to temporarily fill a position on the Admiralty Board left vacant by an ailing member. Bitter and angry, he longs for the day he can return to sea and escape the memories of his wife that surround him. When the new governess arrives, Chase finds her to be too weak and nervous, but soon discovers that her sweet nature and her strong faith fill his home with a love and joy he has not felt for years. Though he must battle his sister’s constant disapproval, Lady Irene’s jealous flare ups and his best friends infatuation with Dominique, what he finds he must battle the most are his own growing affections. But what will this staunch British Admiral do when he discovers Dominique is a French Spy?

Book Takeaway:

No matter now frightened you are, God is always with you and will see you through every difficulty if you lean on Him.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to portray a heroine who isn't your normal strong, confident heroine, but someone who is timid, insecure and frightened. Through many difficulties and frightening situations, it is my hope that I show through Dominique that God will NEVER abandon you, no matter how bleak things appear, that He is with you, His angels watch over you, and He will work everything out for His glory and your good in the end.


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