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Three Wooden Crosses

By David Hall


David Hall’s freshman work places the reader with three friends in a small, west-Texas town in 1962.

A farmer must face the harsh reality of a son who longs for a different life and a farm that is failing. A teacher works to free her students from the grips of factory work so their dreams may be realized. A preacher struggles against the demons of war and the darkness of doubt to find his way back to God.

All three must work together to help a young girl who arrives in the small town with lots of baggage and a secret of her own. Their only hope to show her God’s love and forgiveness is to accept it for themselves before she runs again. Find out if they are successful in time in Three Wooden Crosses.

Book Takeaway:

An emphasis on Psalm 27:14:

Hope in the Lord! Be strong! Let your heart take courage! Hope in the Lord!

We may find hope when we are lost. When our faith is at its weakest, God covers us in abiding love and grace.

Why the author wrote this book:

The story hung in my heart and started to consume my thoughts. The characters and the message came to life and the only way for me to clear my mind was to write the story down. Initial jottings became short stories and character traits. They all seemed to connect to a larger message and a greater goal. I was inspired by the words of a song which connected me to an inner conversation with God. The result is "Three Wooden Crosses".


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