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kick bACK

By RC Atchisson


Joe Thornton is having the time of…the end of… his life!

After losing his wine business to an unscrupulous partner and his marriage to an unfaithful wife, Joe spends days drowning his sorrows and lamenting the mess his life has become. At the end of his rope, Joe tosses a coin to decide his future. When the flip determines that he must kill himself, Joe resolves to complete one final item from his bucket list by travelling to the tiny island of Nantucket where he plans to “accidentally” drown.

Over the course of the island summer, Joe finds himself falling for a young woman half his age and befriending a variety of colorful locals. Eventually, with some help from back home, Joe engages in a high seas showdown with the man who stole his company. Now, he must decide if “integrity of the game” truly requires that he follow through with his morbid plan or if instead he has the faith to begin again.

Even more importantly, Joe has to answer the question “What do you do when the bucket kicks bACK?”

Book Takeaway:

The redemptive power of forgiveness and letting go restores hope.

Why the author wrote this book:

To help heal through laughter and provide a story of redemption that might be recognizable by many who feel hopeless and, ultimately, to inspire them.


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