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Pieces of Granite (Coming Home) (Prequel)

By Brenda S. Anderson


A distressing diagnosis
A retreating husband
A prodigal brother

Debbie Verhoeven is not your typical woman:

*She sacrificed a counseling career to be a full-time mother
*She’d rather pound a nail than round steak
*Oprah? No way! Give her ESPN any day
*Nothing could be more stressful than scrapbooking

Nothing, except …

a distressing diagnosis,
a husband who is pulling away,
and two older brothers who refuse to get along

When the counselor is caught in the middle, when she needs to be strong for those around her, who is left to be strong for her?

Book Takeaway:

We're not alone in our struggles and shouldn't try to handle them on our own.

Why the author wrote this book:

Strong, self-sufficient women are lauded, and with good reason, but sometimes women try to be too strong and try to hold things together on their own, forgetting that God is our rock. I wanted to show how women can be strong, yet rely on God as their foundation.


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