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Romance by Design

By Donna Reimel Robinson


Goldie Silversmith is a church secretary who longs to get out of the church office and take a trip down to the altar. But she has no one to marry. Her brother, Mike, keeps setting her up with blind dates—men whom Mike says are great guys, but they turn out to be bald, short, fat, toothy… It makes Goldie wish she was blind! But one day Mike sets her up with a tall, handsome, interesting guy who actually makes her heart race.

Ryan Collins just moved to Knotty Pine after earning a master’s degree in architecture. His dream is to work for a big architectural firm and make lots of money. Growing up with poor parents, he now wants to turn the corner and become rich. He’s already designed his dream house, and all he needs is the money to build it. Then he meets Goldie Silversmith, who seems to think he’s her blind date. Her date? That’s news to him…


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