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The Water Fight Professional

By Angela Ruth Strong


I, Joey Michaels, am the Water Fight Professional. Basically this means that customers pay me to soak other people. But my super-competitive best friend is sucking all the fun out of summer. All because I made a secret bet with him. Winning the bet wouldn't be so hard if I didn't have the following three problems: 1) My dramatic mother who feels the need to schedule every moment of summer 2) A surfer-dude mailman who can't keep deliveries straight 3) The annoying neighbor girl who all my friends have a crush on If I lose ... ugh, I can't even tell you what I'd have to do. I'd rather lick a slug!

Book Takeaway:

Be yourself. And be a good friend. Relationships might not go the way you expect them to, but everything can still work out.


Year Title Description
2014 Idaho Top Author Award Overall award for best author in Idaho

Why the author wrote this book:

At a church picnic, my preschooler wanted to get involved with the water fight the older kids were having but didn't know how. I gave him a cup of water and told him to dump it on someone. That person saw him coming and offered him a dollar to dump the same cup on me. I got wet, he got paid, and he fell asleep that night holding onto the dollar. I thought, "He's going to become a water fight professional now," and the idea stuck. The story was first sold in a short story anthology then reprinted in over half a million school tests in New York. I'm so excited that the short story has now become a whole series that will appeal to middle-grade Christian boys!


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