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Lady Luck's a Loser (The Apple Orchard Series) (Volume 1)

By Caryl McAdoo


Wealthy recluse W. G. Preston is looking to choose a wife and devises a Survivor-style game where the winner gets possibly the love of her life. The rules are never simple and one lady is sent home each month until only Mrs. Right re- mains. Will Lady Luck choose practical Audrey, who lied on her application; or Charlotte, the Southern Belle who knows all about antiques and how to please a man? Or graceful Virginia who has a secret, quiet little Natalie, or redheaded Holly with her Dolly Parton chest? Or Marge, the oldest who does her best to keep the peace between an ex-Miss America finalist and Vicki, the beautiful, daring vixen?

Book Takeaway:

God can set things right if you trust in Him.

Why the author wrote this book:

For fun :)


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