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Deadly Secret: A Tale From The Ohio Valley

By Sharon A Lavy


A medical drama about a drug scandal--false accusation-- and death. The covering on Evalena Davidson’s head invites all kinds of confidences and sharing, a blessing on Denton Community Hospital’s oncology ward. But people expect her to be perfect, which makes living up to the promise of her Old German Baptist uniform a challenge. Pete Neper, head of the sanitation department senses unrest among the employees but finds it a challenge to track down the cause. Danni Wagoner, another oncology nurse is implicated in a drug scam. Old German Baptist Brethren with their adherence to traditional ways do not get involved with the law. But how can Evalena turn her back on a friend? This unlikely trio put their lives and reputation at risk to uncover a deadly secret in an attempt to identify a killer before someone else dies.

Book Takeaway:

All my stories have a misunderstanding between a child and parent that heals by the end of the story. When it is all said and done, it's all about relationships.

Why the author wrote this book:

I looked through a catalog looking for a likely image of a character to write about. When I came to a model with short blond hair, looking like the character in You've Got Mail a story line popped into my head.

The blonde became a nurse named Danielle with a nickname of Danni, and her husband would be falsely accused of drug dealing.

That is all I knew as I began writing the story. The characters surprised me with twists and turns that I did not expect, but the basic story always remained the same. Now the title that best fits the finished version is Deadly Secrets.


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