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Shadowed (Heart of a Warrior)

By Kariss Lynch


Can Nick and Kaylan keep fighting together when all else seems hopeless? Nick and Kaylan return in Shadowed as Nick faces the demons of his past on a mission to catch Janus, and Kaylan comes to terms with loving a man who leaves. Will light shine in the darkness or will Kaylan and Nick’s love forever be stalked by shadows?

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Nick Carmichael is a Navy SEAL, committed to God and country when he meets Kaylan Richards. Idealistic and sheltered, Kaylan has just graduated college and is ready to save the world. The Heart of a Warrior series follows them as they pursue their dreams, discovering in the end that the heart of a warrior is not just courage under fire but also the commitment to keep fighting when all seems hopeless.

Book Takeaway:

In the midst of war and loss, Kaylan and Nick must learn what it looks like to fight for one another at all costs.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to capture the heart of the SEAL community, the courage of military families, the beauty of healing, and the strength of a love that fights to conquer all.


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